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Trading involves an enormous amount of practice, discipline and proactivity. A trader must present strict analysis and consistent implementation of the trading strategy. The amount of information which a trader has to consider is tremendous. That’s why sometimes the novice traders may be discouraged and disappointed in stock trade.
The optimal way to avoid disappointment is safe practice. The trader should have the possibility to work with stock signals without financial risk. And only after obtaining the relevant experience he should move on to the trading with real funds.

Is there any trading site or application which gives such opportunity to novice traders? Yes, and this application is named vfxAlert. This brand-new application is developed to fulfill the need in the detailed information concerning the current state of the market. Watch here, how it works
Now, let’s examine in detail what we can find in this application. As you see, all necessary information is concentrated in the sole working window.
On the left panel there are the live stock signals for different currency pairs.
Signals include all necessary information, but to understand it, it is necessary to read the signal in the right way.

Structure of signal

1. Asset — currency pair you work with.

2. Price — price when a signal emerges. For adaptive algorithm is the open price of the current candle.

3. Time — time when a signal emerges. For adaptive algorithms the time since the last update.

4. Expiration — time of signal’s expiration.

5. Power — number of profitable options in the past with current combination of indicators.

6. Signal — CALL or PUT options.

7. Algorithm — algorithm of signal generation.

8. Heatmap — Statistical winning percentage calculated for the values of the technical indicator on a different timeframes.

The signals are generated basing on three types of algorithms: trending, reversal and adaptive. Algorithm is the sequence of actions whom the stock signals.

Adaptive. Algorithm uses the statistical analysis of historical details. Adaptive strategy shows the most favorable moment for entering the market.
Trending.  Algorithm uses the following technical indicators to generate signals:Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Relative Strength Index (RSI).
Reversal. Algorithm uses the following technical indicators to generate signals: Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reverse), Moving Averages.

In the center of the screen there is an online-chart that displays the movement of the stock signals.

Here you can set the necessary technical indicators, currency pair, form on chart and candles. Also, here you can find the access to the economic calendar, signal power, heatmap and market trends. To access the additional instruments, press the toolbar on the bottom. However, these additional tools are available only on Pro account.

Here you can work with heatmaps and signal power. Learn how to work with them here

On the right there is a broker’s trading platform. Here you can choose the broker and see the time of signal’s expiration, percentage of signal’s profit and quantity of funds on your account.
I want to receive the vfxAlert stock signals but I don’t know how to start

First of all start with a free account. Learn how the different strategies work and develop your unique way to trade. Then, go to the Pro account. Here, you will receive the asses to the additional analytical instruments and the possibility to work with cryptocurrencies. Nice bonus, on the Pro account there are no ads.

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